Our Services

MISCO provide comprehensive valve repair services supported by strategically located, fully equipped workshops. MISCO facilities are operated by highly skilled competent personnel, committed to providing the best service to clients.

Full evaluation and reporting of valve failures
Repair to OEM – industry specifications
Carry out advanced diagnostics for condition based monitoring
Failure investigation including investigatory testing
Overhaul of valves & associated equipment
Engineering consultancy
Valve modifications
In-house welding, machining, non-destructive testing & coating
Design, manufacture & testing of valve control systems
Pressure & functional testing
Development & application of specific test procedures
Full repair certification
Valve refurbishment
Valve parts reconditioning
Hydrostatic body & seat test
Low pressure air leak test
Online safety valve test
Transportable workshop
Instrument calibration & validation
Blasting and painting

Our Services Extra

Our experience of valve overhaul enables us to provide expert guidance during valve overhaul and modification activities. All equipment is returned following overhaul with full certification and tested to the relevant international or industry standards.


Repair of hydraulic components including pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, coolers and accumulators. Preventive maintenance of all hydraulic components. Replacement and/or supply of spare parts for hydraulic components. Engineering, design and supply of hydraulic systems (power packs etc). Support in installation of new hydraulic components. Modification of existing hydraulic equipment/systems. Oil contamination control.


HYDROSTATIC (HIGH PRESSURE) TEST A hydrostatic test is a way in which valves can be tested for strength and leaks which involves filling the valves with liquid and pressurization of the vessel to the specified test pressure.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOW PRESSURE SEAT TEST Some valve styles and seating styles will seal better at higher pressures and not so great at low pressures, and vice-verse. This specification ensures that the design is capable of sealing to the required extent at a wide range of pressures.


Pump/Gear refurbishment -Pump/Gear parts reconditioning -Shaft balancing -Spare parts fabrication and machining

Machining and Manufacturing

MISCO has vast experience in machining and manufacturing critical mechanical components from many industries. The company takes arrogance in its ability to reverse engineer products with the help of skilled personnel using time trusted machines. We also have a fully facilitated machine shop which allows us to produce large quantities of components with intricate designs in a short amount of time.


MISCO steel fabrication shop is capable of wide range of fabrication service, Spare part Manufacture & reverse engineering. Our Skilled team offers quality and on-time services.

Equipment Rental

PORTABLE TESTING PUMP Common portable testing pump for various valve testing. As part of our main nature of business, MISCO offers a reliable testing pump up to 20,000 PSI complete with hoses, accessories and chart recorder. Pressure gauge with various rating.


MISCO have range of blind flange includes of sizes from 1/2“to 72” for Raised Face end connections from 150# to 2500# for pressure testing.

mobile portable shop CONTAINER

Convenient container for test bench, Tools, Equipment and Consumable transportation to site, to suit site requirements.


Valve Flushing, Greasing are a common type of valve sealing. MISCO provides rental of valve greasing & flushing pump together with their respective grease and solution upon request.