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About The Company

Our Vision

“To be the reliable service provider in the region for valves, pumps and fabrication works.”

Our Mission

“We strive to achieve our Vision by constant offering remarkable value to our customers through forming a goal-oriented, motivated and skillful members of our team.”

Our Core Values

Win-win Talking

We gather ideas and open for discourse, at the end everyone wins.

Costumer Centric

Our customers are the focus of our initiatives to provide them high quality services and satisfaction.


With vitality we do tasks together as a team and form the workplace a better place for everyone.

Diversity and Innovation

We come together with diverse origin and orientations but we treat everyone with respect and dignity. These differences help us form some room of innovations for the improvement of the company and benefits of everyone.


We apply empowerment because we value each individual equally. Through empowering every member, we give them chance to share their talents and skills with passion.

Employees Driven

Every team member is an asset of the company, we do our best to develop the talents and skills of everyone for their own good and benefit of the company.


Reward in any form requires every member of our team to perform their very best. We don’t hesitate to give them rewards if deemed necessary.


Mosaned for Industrial Services COmpany (MISCO) will be one of the best options in the industrial services as it has the capability, experience and facilities which meet customer expectations.