Other Services

Our experience enables us to provide expert guidance during maintenance & modification activities.
All equipment is returned following overhaul with full certification & tested to the relevant
international or industry standards.


Repair of hydraulic components including pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, coolers & accumulators. Preventive maintenance of all hydraulic components. Replacement & supply of spare parts for hydraulic components.

Engineering, design & supply of hydraulic systems (power packs etc). Support in the installation of new hydraulic components. Modification of existing hydraulic equipment/systems. Oil contamination control.

Pressure Testing

HYDROSTATIC (HIGH PRESSURE) TEST A hydrostatic test is a way in which equipments can be tested for strength and leaks which involves filling the valves with liquid & pressurization of the vessel to the specified test pressure.
LOW\HIGH PRESSURE TEST This ensures that the design is capable of sealing to the required extent at a wide of pressures

Bolt Torquing & Tensioning

We offer a best bolting services, as well as accessories to assist in safe and efficient operations.
Bolt torque offers high quality hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and manual bolt tightening services, sales and rental.
We offer a large diversity of bolting solutions, as well as accessories to assist in safe and efficient operations.


Mobile portable shop container

Convenient container for test bench, tools, equipment and consumable transportation to site, to suit site requirements.

Greasing & Flushing Pump

Valve Flushing, Greasing are a common type of valve sealing. MISCO provides rental of valve greasing & flushing pump together with their respective grease and solution upon request